[title1]ANOTHER KIND OF LIGHT[/title1]


[title2]Listen to the Commercial[/title2]


[title2]List of Tracks[/title2]
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1: It’s Possible
2: ▶ I Concentrate On You
3: ▶ Make Me A Kite
4: Good Thing He Can’t Read My Mind
5: I Furnished My One-Room Apartment
6: How Could I Not?
7: If I Love Again / Will You?
8: Putting Things Away
9: Torch Song For Raissa
10: I Will
11: ▶ Waiting For A Westbound Train
12: A Tomb With A View
13: Bye, Bye, Ingénue
14: Ordinary Miracles
15: ▶ i carry your heart

Texting Translation for “Torch Song for Raissa”

RUUP4XNO-ING? – “Are you up for kiss-and-hugging?”
UBIN2MUVIGO-ING? – “You into going to a movie?”
URHNSA – “You’re hot and sexy-assed.”
IMSNF2PSOWYSAM – “I am safe and free to play so would you send me a message.”


NIFOC – “Naked in front of Computer”


[title1]WHAT I WAS DREAMING OF[/title1]

[title2]Raissa Katona with Frank Spitznagel on Piano[/title2]
Listen to a selection from this CD – click on one of the links below:
04 Niagra
06 A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Make
Please send $15.00 (which includes s&h) check or money order to:
Raissa Katona Bennett
2 Tudor City Place, Suite 15ES,
NY, NY 10017


[title1]Raissa sings backup for Lucie[/title1]


Raissa and her singing surgeon husband, Garrett, sing “back up” for Lucie Arnaz on her LATIN ROOTS cd – you must get this wonderful cd – here’s a clip and the link: 05 Johnny Angel
Latin Roots